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Useful products in harmony with the environment

Neudorff stands for high-quality, environmentally friendly plant care products that meet the highest requirements. Here you will find a selection of useful and practical garden and household products from Neudorff, from biotechnology and fertilisers to soil and plant protection, and weedkillers and pesticides.

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With love for the interaction of garden, nature and environment

Neudorff has specialised in the development and manufacture of plant care products that are as effective as they are environmentally friendly. Neudorff attaches great importance to using active ingredients in its products that meet the following criteria:

  • They come from nature
  • They grow back quickly
  • They have little impact on the environment

In addition to the selection of the active ingredients, the manufacturing process also plays an important role in the company. Since production is designed for sustainability, we produce our own green electricity with hydroelectric power, solar systems and combined heat and power. In addition, the company pays attention to resource-saving work in all areas.

Neudorff's commitment has already received several awards: Neudorff is National Winner of the "Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness" award by the European Business Awards and among the top 10 in Europe in the "Environmental and Sustainability" category of the European Business Awards. In 2017, Neudorff received the Green Brands Award for its commitment to sustainability and the environment. In the same year, the company also received the TASPO award for its consistent corporate concept with regard to the environment and sustainability. These awards clearly show how outstanding Neudorff's commitment to environmental protection is.

Ecological action as a corporate concept

The economically sustainable use of resources, the avoidance of negative environmental influences and fair, socially responsible action are the cornerstones of Neudorff's corporate philosophy. This is the only way to adequately meet social challenges such as climate change.

The company's environmentally conscious, creative and visionary thinking aims for sustainable development and focuses on protecting the environment and respecting people, animals and nature. Against this background, the company develops innovative products that improve people's quality of life in their natural environment and solve problems in the house and garden in an effective, affordable and environmentally friendly way.

Economy, ecology and social issues as the basis of the company

One of Neudorff's main goals is to pollute the environment as little as possible. Specifically, this means:

  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Economical and responsible use of resources
  • Making a contribution to the regeneration of nature

These three points run through all areas of the company and determine corporate action at all levels.

Ecological products for the highest demands

Neudorff develops products with the aim of quickly and effectively solving all problems caused by pests, diseases and defects in the house and garden. Of course, the greatest possible protection of the environment is always in the foreground. To ensure the effectiveness of individual products, they are put through their paces in our own test nursery before they go on sale.

At Bloomling you will find a large selection of Neudorff products. These include:

  • Composting
  • Soil additives and lime
  • Organic fertilisers
  • Peat-free potting soil
  • Biotechnical crop protection
  • Beneficial insects
  • Natural repellents
  • Ant remedy
  • Vermin control
  • Rat and mouse control
  • Household insecticides

With these products, solve numerous problems in the garden and house quickly and effectively - and optimally protect the environment and nature.