About Bloomling

Welcome to our beautiful garden!

Our heart beats in green and it is our aim to help you make the best of your garden, patio, balcony or window sill! With our colourful and often sustainable and organic products, we strive to make the world a little friendlier and greener with you.

We have wonderful products for the garden such as high-quality seeds, gardening tools, planters, pesticides and accessories. There are also innovative products for the household, from handy little helpers to charming decorations.

How it all started ...

Like a little plant that is nurtured and cared for, Bloomling too has grown and grown over time. Conceived by a passionate amateur gardener who was constantly on the lookout for high-quality gardening products, Bloomling has quickly developed into a colourful online shop with a diverse range of products for the garden and the home too. Today we are a small team of gardening enthusiasts with a big heart for everything green. It is our goal, together with you, to make your garden bloom and to transform your home into an inviting, green haven.

We are constantly working to make Bloomling even better and to find new and innovative products for you. There are many useful tips and tricks as well as in-depth know-how to perfectly complement our wonderful assortment of products.