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GARDENA create professional garden tools that millions of home and garden owners trust. GARDENA is the leading manufacturer of high-quality garden tools in Europe and sells its products in over 80 countries. With us, find a large selection of high-quality and useful garden tools from GARDENA, for everything from watering to lawn care and tillage.

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Global success through innovation and quality

GARDENA's products meet the highest demands and impress gardeners with their outstanding quality, ease of use and convenience. GARDENA attaches great importance to constantly developing new, innovative products and system solutions that meet people's current needs and make their work significantly easier. Innovation and quality have made GARDENA the market leader and have determined the success of the company since it was founded.

From small trading company to market leader

GARDENA was founded in Ulm in 1961 as a small trading company for garden tools and, within just a few decades, has become one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent garden products. A milestone in the company's history was the introduction of the Original GARDENA System in 1968, which made it possible to change irrigation components with just one "click". This revolutionary system laid the foundation for innovative system solutions, which include, for example, the GARDENA combisystem, the GARDENA accu-system V12, the GARDENA Sprinklersystem and the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System. These developments can be attributed to the company's focus on innovation, which ultimately made it the market leader in Europe.

Today, almost everyone has seen their bright orange irrigation components - the tap connector, connection device and hose connector. With their striking design and easy click-change, these components are something of a classic in horticulture throughout Europe. In addition to this pioneering system, GARDENA has made numerous other innovations over the years:

  • 1973: With the Accu Grande Lawn Edging Shears, GARDENA introduced cordless work into gardens.
  • 1975: An innovative range of pruning shears and pruning shears is launched.
  • 1977: The garden tool system with interchangeable attachments appears.
  • 1985-1990: Garden irrigation is automated thanks to the sprinkler system and micro-drip system.
  • 2012: GARDENA presents the first robotic lawnmower R40Li, which ushers in a new era of lawn care.
  • 2016: Gardening becomes smart. The GARDENA Smart System allows the robotic lawnmower and irrigation system to be controlled using an app.

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