Blumat Plant Irrigation Systems

The Specialist for Professional Plant Irrigation

Using the automatic irrigation system by Blumat, your plants are guaranteed to be well supplied with water. The innovative plant irrigation system uses Blumat drip heads and drip hoses to deliver as much water to your environment as your plants need. This not only makes everyday life easier, your plants also stay healthy and strong while you're on holiday.


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The innovative Blumat irrigation system takes the stress out of holidays or simply remembering to water your plants as it takes over the hard parts for you! The system offers lots of advantages:

  • No need to lug around a heavy hose or watering can
  • Plants receive exactly as much water as they need
  • Avoids wasting water

Thanks to Blumat's numerous accessories, the Blumat irrigation system can be precisely adapted to your personal needs.

Blumat Digital is a very special tool for gardeners who are looking to save time and water! At the push of a button, the digital reader shows exactly how much water your plants currently need. With the help of a professional moisture sensor, Blumat Digital precisely determines the suction power of the plants roots. Using this data, this useful helper calculates how much water your plants need and waters them accordingly.

The Blumat irrigation system can be used in many ways and reliably takes on watering tasks in your garden, on the patio, on the balcony and indoors.