Ollas - Clever Clay Watering Vessels

Ollas - Clever Clay Watering Vessels

Just like in olden times!

Ollas - pronounced "ojas" - are pretty, practical watering vessels that provide your plants with water over a period of several days, making them perfect for watering your garden while you're off on short holidays.

How do Ollas work?

"Plant" the Olla pot in the soil next to the plant you would like to water, leaving the neck of the clay vessel open to the air. Fill the belly of the Olla with water through the neck of the bottle, then close it. The bottles are made of porous, permeable clay, which gradually releases water into the soil, keeping your plants watered. Make sure to close the neck of the Olla bottle, as leaving it open could invite mosquitos, or cause the water to evaporate.. Ollas are perfect for use in planters and raised beds and offer a completely natural alternative to drip irrigation in vegetable beds.

Caution: Ollas can stay in your beds throughout the summer, but you should bring them into a warm place before the first frost, because they are not frost proof and can shatter at freezing temperatures.

Why should I use an Olla?

Ollas offer whole range of advantages:

  • They offer your plants a basic water supply. They should not completely supplement watering your plants, but offer a great solution for periods when you're on holiday.
  • Ollas water your plants from the roots up, encouraging root growth and making them more drought-resistant.
  • Ollas are very easy to use - just stick them in the ground and fill them with water.
  • Ollas are made of natural clay and are sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Ollas only need to be filled with water every few days, making them perfect for use when you're on holiday.
  • Ollas are suitable for watering indoor plants, potted plants and plants in the garden. They're also suitable for raised beds and vegetable gardens .

How many Ollas do I need?

How many Ollas you need for your plants and how often you have to fill them depends on the following factors:

  • the type of your plants
  • the climate in your region
  • the respective weather conditions

We recommend using trial and error to decide how often you need to fill your Ollas! The first time you use them, they may empty quickly as your plants may be very thirsty, but the water usage should even out over time.

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