A Litre of Sunlight, Infinite Possibilities!

Sonnenglas combines green technology with nostalgic retro design and social responsibility. The result is a unique product that both makes people happy and protects the environment. The Sonnenlicht is much more than just a pretty decoration; also use it as a garden lamp, solar lantern and as a glowing companion for almost all outdoor activities. Customise your Sonnenglas as you wish and fill it with anything you like. How about dried fruit or sand and shells? There are no limits to your creativity!

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Charge during the day and light up the night

The Sonnenglas has a solar panel in the lid that charges the LEDs inside during the day. To keep your Sonnenglas lit up at night, you only need to place it in the sun during the day and charge the integrated battery.

At night, simply turn on your Sonnenglas with the magnetic switch and it will light up! The four integrated LEDs provide a wonderfully soft light that creates an incomparable atmosphere and is bright enough to read by.

The story behind Sonnenglas

At first glance, the Sonnenglas may seem like a pretty and clever decorative item, but it's actually much more. It was originally developed to provide a full light source for people without access to electricity. It is manufactured in South Africa as a true fair trade product and to date has created more than 65 full-time jobs for previously unemployed men and women from Soweto and Alexandra. They manufacture through elaborate manual work, guaranteeing exceptional quality and a long service life.

It has become a cult object in South Africa. This is no wonder, since it saves energy, provides light and brings a touch of South African joie de vivre into the garden.