Planting Autumn Roses

Planting Autumn Roses

Many people plant their roses in the spring, however, they bloom even faster when you plant them in the fall. Here's how to succeed!

Roses are unique plants that are rightly called the "queen of flowers". To show off our queen to her best, the flowers should be planted in the autumn. Here's why:

Roses prepare for winter in the autumn. They extract all the nutrients they need for hibernation and store them. As soon as they lose their leaves, they switch to sleep mode because only the leaves produce energy for growth and flowering. When your roses are dormant, this is the best time to transplant them.

In addition, many vendors are already buying their roses and wintering them bare-bottomed in cold places. This means that we'll have fresh roses in the autumn. These fresh roses are of better quality than those stored for several months. In addition, there are many types of roses available in the fall, so you can choose your favourite.

Please note: you can only transplant the roses before the ground freezes, and temperatures have not yet dipped below freezing.

Tips for Proper Planting

  • Before planting, the roses should be placed in a bucket with water for at least eight hours so that they can properly soak.
  • Then, cut all shoots back. Naked roots should also be trimmed
  • Roses should be planted in 40 to 50 cm deep, wide holes. Important: do not plant roses in places where other roses have grown in recent years. This leaves the soil poor so the new roses will not grow well.
  • After the rose is in the hole, fill it with soil that is meant for roses. Press the soil down around the trunk of the plant. Plant about five inches below the ground to protect the bush from frost and dehydration. Important: Never use compost for the rose planting. Compost or fertilizers could contain chemicals that might disturb the growth of the plant.
  • Don't forget to water the plants well- this means that you may need to add more soil around the bush so it doesn't wash away. Use about 15 cm of soil. Then place a few spruce branches around the base to keep it warm over the winter.