Garden Furniture by Ecofurn

Nordic design, 100% from nature

These unique products from the Finnish manufacturer Ecofurn have a special simplicity and are in absolute harmony with nature. It is precisely this simplicity that makes Ecofurn's furniture so visually appealing. Whether indoors or out, Ecofurn's armchairs and tables bring natural notes into your home.

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Nature in focus

The Finnish manufacturer EcoFurn prioritises the most important thing - nature. Their products are made of natural wood and radiate an incomparable warmth, which makes them pieces of furniture with extraordinary charm both indoors and out. The special construction with hemp ropes contributes significantly to the great look of the furniture and also makes it extremely flexible. This allows the chairs to optimally distribute weight even on uneven surfaces. And if you're not using the furniture, you can fold it up and stow it away to save space: Design and functionality!

A unique seating experience for indoors and outdoors

Due to their unique manufacturing and assembly, EcoFurn's chairs offer an incomparably comfortable seating experience that invites you to spend a few hours with a good book. The two adjustable seating positions - upright or relaxed - allow you to optimally adapt the chairs to your individual needs. Thanks to the different types of wood and colours available, you also have numerous visual variations. You can adapt chairs and tables perfectly to your personal tastes and create an oasis of calm.

At Bloomling you will find Ecofurn's unique chairs and tables in various designs and colours. Low prices, great service and fast and convenient delivery straight to your home round off the shopping experience.