De Bolster Pumpkin "Gelber Zentner"

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These pumpkins grow quite large and have a weight of 15 to 30 kg. The pumpkins don't work well for soups, but are great for canning and can be used for chutney or jam.

The big pumpkins also make impressive Halloween decorations! They can easily be carved for Jack O'Lanterns. After the first frost, the pumpkins also make great food sources for birds and squirrels. The climbing pumpkins also make a great green manure and ground cover as they "clean" the beds. They can only be grown on nutrient-rich soils or soils rich in compost.

Planting: At the end of April / beginning of May, soak the seeds in water overnight and then plant them in small pots indoors. Make sure that your house is not too moist as the seeds can rot. Keep the newly planted seeds out of reach from mice, who love to eat them up! Plant after about 3 weeks, 1 plant per 2 m².

Plant outdoors: in May after the last frost if it is warm enough for rapid germination. It is best to soak seeds overnight before planting.

  • Sowing depth 2-3 cm.
  • Use 2 seeds per hole and thin out to select the strongest plant
  • Watch out for mice eating your fresh seedlings!
  • You can prevent mice from eating the seedlings by putting a clay pot over the place where you have planted the seed. Then remove the pot one week later.
  • Pumpkins grow very quickly so you can train their tendrils back from the edges of your garden regularly.


  • The pumpkins can be harvested from mid-September on. Be sure to watch for frost damage. Only harvest fully ripe pumpkins. The fruit stalks must be discoloured and slightly shrivelled like wine corks. Make sure you leave the stalks on the pumpkins when you harvest them, as they will quickly rot without them.
  • Store dry, but not too cool.
Sowing Schedule: April, May
Planting Distance: 2 x 2 m
Harvest: August, September, October
Brands: De Bolster
Where to plant: Outdoors, Cold Frames & Greenhouses, Start Indoors
Available As:: One portion of seeds
Labels: Organic
Misc. : Sales

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