AUSTROSAAT Garden Fleece 10 x 1.6 m - SALE - Includes Organic Seeds

Optimal growth in any weather

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Particularly tear-resistant
  • UV-stabilized
  • Professional quality


This garden fleece protects your vegetables from cold, heat, insects, storms and hail. It is particularly tear-resistant and is UV stabilised and promotes healthier plants, faster ripening and a high-yield crop.

Laying down the fleece:
The fleece is permeable to light, air and water and can be spread loosely over the crops after planting. The edges are weighted about every 50 cm with earth or stones or buried in the ground in shallow lines to prevent insects from getting in.


  • The garden fleece can be used several times.
  • Store dry and dark.
  • The average harvest time for vegetables is 8-14 days, for early potatoes up to 3 weeks.

This sale includes a packed of Radish seeds: "Wiener Rotes Treib" can be grown outdoors or in a greenhouse. The variety is very fast growing and does not get woody quickly. The radishes taste best when eaten raw or used as a garnish for a salad.