Kiepenkerl  Lettuce "May King"

Lactuca sativa var. capitata

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Early forcing
  • Very hardy
  • Reddish leaf margins

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Kiepenkerl Leaf Lettuce "Lollo Rossa Solmar"


Early outdoor variety with yellowish green, delicate heads, with edges that are slightly reddish. Ideal for salads, herbs, yogurt and different dressings on all fish and meat dishes. Also suitable for cold frame gardens and covered gardens.

Sowing Schedule: February , March , April
Planting Distance: ca. 20 x 30 cm
Length of germination: 1-2 Weeks
Harvest: May , June
Brands: Kiepenkerl
Where to plant: Pots & planters (indoors)
Content sufficient for approx:: 150-200 plants
Available As:: One portion of seeds