Eco Tillandsia 2 Airplants with Wooden Holder

Perfect for sideboards, shelves etc

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer

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Tillandsia originated in South America and are a very special decoration with which you can transform your home into an exotic jungle. They are suitable for indoors and out, and can be put on a table, on the windowsill or hung up, depending on your mood.

Thanks to their special characteristics, these small plants immediately attract interest: They do not grow in soil or any other substrate, but actually in the air - hence the name air plants. Due to this, they not only look great, but also provide countless exciting possibilities to decorate your home. Combine the different variants of the plants and create unique arrangements. Since Tillandsias love high humidity, they are also ideal for bathrooms, for example.

How to care for tillandsia:

  • Look for a bright and warm location with high humidity
  • Tillandsias prefer a partially shaded location outdoors
  • Spray the plants twice a week with decalcified water or rainwater

Included in this set:
2 tillandsia, 1 holder (height: approx. 25cm)

Attention: The shape and appearance of the delivered tillandsia can vary depending on the season.

From cultures - not from wild stocks

Brands: Eco Tillandsia

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